Academic Resources

Online Tutoring For Students

Information about online tutoring for students with link to access it.

Instructor Resources

Information about faculty resource center, academic advisors, Champ Support, Canvas support, eLearning, PDs, and academic ops.

Academic Honesty Reporting

At Champlain College, we hold academic integrity in high regard and have processes in place to address academic honesty violations if and...

Interactive Troubleshooting Tips

Troubleshooting tips for issues with interactive content.

Copyright Resources

Information about copyright and free media resources

Using Peer Review in Your Courses

Considerations for using peer review in online courses

Assigning Video Posts or Video Presentations in Your Course

Considerations for video assignments in online courses.

Group Work in Your Course

Considerations for assigning group work in online courses.

Custom Images & Infographics

Elearning can develop custom images and infographics. Examples are provided.

SME Toolkit

Home page for all SME resources.

Student Tookit

The Student Toolkit includes inks to academic resources and policies, technology support, and how-to guides.

Google Support

Google support for Google Meet, Google Docs, Google Drive, Google Slides, Google Forms, and Google Sheets