Faculty Resource Center

Visit the Faculty Resource Center to stay current and informed.

Academic Advisors

Contact Student Advising if you notice a student has gone missing, or if a student seems to be struggling academically.

Bring any student concerns to the immediate attention of his/her CCO Student Advisor. The appropriate Advisor can be found by going to WebAdvisor.
(click “Faculty”, and then “Student Profile”)

Gary Washburn, Director, Student Success & Advising
Email: gwashburn@champlain.edu
Tel: 518-415-7073

Champ Support

Contact Champ Support with questions about email, logging into the Champlain portal, and any other IT-related questions.

Visit the IT Services Portal/Submit a Help Desk Ticket

Email: champsupport@champlain.edu

Tel: 802-860-2710

Canvas 24/7 Support

Contact Canvas 24/7 support with Canvas technical questions or support issues.

Tel: 1-833-209-6112 : Canvas Support live chat

Review the Instructor Guides

eLearning & Quality Assurance

Contact eLearning when you need assistance with preparing your course or you have questions about functionality within the course.

Email: cco-elearning@champlain.edu

Angela Gale, Director, eLearning and Quality Assurance
Email: agale@champlain.edu
Tel: 802-865-5415

Anne Allen, Senior Course Producer
Email: aallen@champlain.edu
Tel: 802-651-5836

Larraby Fellows, Instructional Designer
Email: lfellows@champlain.edu
Tel: 802-651-5836

Kate Lee, Senior Instructional Designer
Email: klee@champlain.edu

Erin Meenan, Instructional Designer
Email: meenan@champlain.edu
Tel: 802-651-5180

Susan Paquette, Senior Course Producer
Email: paqette@champlain.edu
Tel: 802-865-6454

BJ Sneed, Instructional Designer
Email: bsneed@champlain.edu

Laura Wingler, Instructional Designer
Email: lwingler@champlain.edu

Program Directors/Deans

Contact your program director or dean when you have questions about your contract, want to discuss course content, or need a copy of a textbook.

Johnna Herrick-Phelps, Chief Online Learning Officer
Email: jherrickphelps@champlain.edu
Tel: 802-865-5488

Lindsey Godwin, Academic Director of Cooperrider Center for Appreciative Inquiry; Lead Faculty, MS in Leadership & ODHR
Email: godwin@champlain.edu
Tel: 802-860-2796

Don Haggerty, Senior Integrator of Experiential Learning and Practice
Email: haggerty@champlain.edu
Tel: 802-865-6496

Kathleen Hyde, Chair, Cybersecurity Programs
Email: kyde@champlain.edu
Tel: 802-865-5749

Linda Miller, Assistant Dean, HR&OD, MBA, Accounting
Email: lmiller@champlain.edu
Tel: 802-651-5940

Janet Morrison, Program Director, General Education
Email: morrison@champlain.edu
Tel: 802-651-5826

Albert Orbinati, Program Director, Business Management
Email: aorbinati@champlain.edu
Tel: 802-865-5703

Lanaya Sandberg, Director & Assistant Professor, Healthcare Programs
Email: lsandberg@champlain.edu
Tel: 224-422-0812

Sergio Tenreiro de Magalhaes, Chair, Cybersecurity Programs
Email: smagalhaes@champlain.edu
Tel: 802-865-6440

Elaine Young, Professor of Marketing | Program Director B.S. in Marketing Communication | Curriculum Innovation Lead
Email: eyoung@champlain.edu
Tel: 802-865-5413

Academic Operations Manager

Jonathan Hébert, Academic Operations Manager
Email: jhebert@champlain.edu
Tel: 802-860-2794