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Welcome CCO Faculty! This page is your one-stop shop for faculty resources. Get to know our team, review professional development opportunities, quickly access academic policies, procedures and forms, and discover tips, techniques, and best practices for effective online teaching.

Our Team

Academic Advisors

Contact your student’s academic advisor for support around student success.

Gary Washburn, Director of CCO Advising & Student Success – Email: / Tel: (518) 415-7073


  • Kaelyn Murray, MEd, Associate Director of Academic Advising – Email: Tel: (802) 865-5735
    • Programs: Integrated Studies (BS)
  • Caroline Steele, MS – Email: Tel: (802) 860-2745
    • Programs: AT&T Badge Programs, Cybersecurity (BS), Information Security (MS), Data Science Certificate (UG & GR)
  • Courtney Ellison, MFA – Email: / Tel: 802.651.5936
    • Programs: Accounting (AS, BS, Certificates), Business Management (AS, BS, Certificates), Healthcare Administration (BA & MS)
  • Danielle Duerr – Email: / Tel: 802.383.6292
    • Programs: Software Development (AS, BS)
  • Edward (Ted) Thorndike – Email: / Tel: 802.865.6408
    • Programs: Computer Forensics & Digital Investigation (BS), Digital Forensic Science (MS), Information Technology (MS)
  • Lida Ghamsari, MA – Email: / Tel: 802.865.5437
    • Programs: Business Management (AS & BS), Management Information Systems (BS)
  • Liz Kutka, MA – Email: / Tel: 802.865.5726
    • Programs: Computer Forensics & Digital Investigation (BS), Computer Information Systems (BS), Information Technology (MS)
  • Michelle Platt, MPA – Email: / Tel: 802.865.5767
    • Programs: Cybersecurity (BS), Cybersecurity Fundamentals Certificate (UG), Advanced Cybersecurity Certificate (UG), Information Security (MS), Advanced IT Certificate (UG), Block Chain Certificate (UG)
  • Samuel McClernon, MAT – Email: / Tel: 802.865.6421
    • Programs: Cybersecurity (BS), Information Security (MS), Digital Forensic Science (MS, Graduate Certificate), Web Design & Development (AS, BS)
  • Sarah Calnan, MEd – Email: / Tel: (802) 651-5942
    • Programs: Master of Business Administration (MBA), Graduate Certificates, Human Resource Management (BS and UG Certificate), Positive Organization Development (Grad Cert)
  • Virginia Booth, MBA – Email: / Tel: 802.865.6420
    • Programs: Executive Leadership (MS), Leadership (MS), Marketing & Communication (BS), Organization Development & Human Relations (MS), Non-Degree

Contact Student Advising if you notice a student has gone missing, or if a student seems to be struggling academically.

Bring any student concerns to the immediate attention of his/her CCO Academic Advisor. The appropriate Advisor can be found by going to Self-Service, choosing Faculty, and then selecting the appropriate course, hovering over a student’s name, clicking View Full Profile, and accessing Advisor Details.

  1. Click Faculty.
    Screenshot of Faculty Self-Service Portal

  2. Select the appropriate course.
    Screenshot of faculty courses

  3. Hover over a student’s name and click View Full Profile.
    Screenshot of list of students enrolled in a course

  4. Access Advisor Details.
    Screenshot of student profile

Program Directors/Deans

Contact your program director or dean when you have questions about your contract, want to discuss course content, or need a copy of a textbook.

  • Sergio Tenreiro de Magalhaes, Chief Online Learning Officer
  • Lindsey Godwin, Academic Director of Cooperrider Center for Appreciative Inquiry; Lead Faculty, MS in Leadership & ODHR
  • Don Haggerty, Senior Integrator of Experiential Learning and Practice & CCO Lead on Faculty Development
  • Linda Miller, Part-Time Program Director, Accounting
  • Janet Morrison, Program Director, General Education
    • Email: / Tel: 802-651-5826
    • Oversees General Education, Psychology, Sociology, and Criminal Justice
  • Albert Orbinati, Chair, Business Management
    • Email: / Tel: 315-525-6123
    • Oversees all business programs at the A.S., B.S., and Master’s level, and oversees PDs of Accounting and Healthcare programs.
  • Richard Pickering, Chair, Cybersecurity and Technology Programs
  • Daniel Selicaro, Program Director, Technology Program
    • Email: / Tel: 802-651-5922 
    • Oversees Undergraduate degrees in Software Development, Web Design and Development, and Computer Science & Graduate degree in Software Engineering and Project Management
  • Lanaya Sandberg, Director & Assistant Professor, Healthcare Programs
  • Elaine Young, Professor of Marketing | Program Director B.S. in Marketing Communication | Curriculum Innovation Lead
    • Email: / Tel: 802-865-5413
    • Oversees Marketing, Digital Media, and eSports Management B.S. Marketing Analytics M.S., and Grad Marketing Certificate

eLearning & Quality Assurance

Contact eLearning when you need assistance with preparing your course or you have questions about functionality within your course.

General Email:

Champ Support

Contact Champ Support with questions about email, logging into the Champlain portal, and any other IT-related questions.

Canvas 24/7 Support

Contact Canvas 24/7 support with Canvas technical questions or support issues.

Development and Training

Academic Calendar & Polcies

Academic Forms

Teaching Expectations and Best Practices

Teaching FAQs

What are the primary factors that determine “who teaches what?”

When Program Directors are determining who will be offered teaching contracts for courses, they consider teaching experience/performance, professional experience and academic history. They look for instructors who excel at connecting with adult learners in the online environment, and have rich professional experiences that align with course content.

What are the primary factors that determine course availability and scheduling?

Course availability/scheduling is a balancing act that begins long before instructors are invited to teach. When we are determining what courses to offer and when, we seek to maximize value and the learning experience for our students, and do what we can to also reduce cost. Courses are scheduled based on anticipated student need as determined by the requirements of the degree and certificate programs. Typically fewer courses are scheduled in the summer terms because students often decide to enjoy summer and take a break from schoolwork.

What advice would you give to new online instructors?

The desire to teach others and give back are important qualities. There is a correlation between instructors taking an active interest in students, and the students’ overall experience in courses. Practicing patience also helps. We find the simple acts of understanding and working with students pay dividends for them over time. Finally, utilize the Faculty Lounge – the forum where we can solve problems and build standards across programs. The more we communicate as a team, the better it will ultimately be for our students.

How do I find out where my course fits in a CCO program?

Here is a listing of all of our programs. You’ll see the course under the ‘Program Details’ section.

Where can I learn more about the different types of plagiarism?

Our Writing Center has a great article on Documenting Sources and Avoiding Plagiarism that you can review and share with your students!

What do we use to check for plagiarism in our courses?

Turnitin is a web-based software tool used by Champlain College to verify the originality of student submissions. The tool compares each submission against other papers previously submitted through Turnitin, textbooks, news and magazine articles, scholarly journals, and web pages (current and archived). It is turned on for every writing assignment. Here is information on how to interpret similarity reports.

What types of Academic Coaching and Support are available to our students?

Please refer to our Online student support page for information about tutoring and academic support.