Follow these steps to submit both a Google Slides URL and a video presentation recording (mp4 file) with captions (vtt file) to a Canvas Assignment.

  1. Click the Start Assignment button.

    Start Assignment button

  2. Copy and paste the Share URL link from your Google Slides presentation into the Website URL field.

  3. Click the Studio tab, click the Add button, and click the Browse Files button.

  4. Navigate to your video recording file (mp4) on your computer, select it, and click Open.

  5. Wait until Canvas Studio has fully uploaded your video.

  6. Click on the video and click the Select button.

  7. Make sure Display Media Tabs is toggled off. Click the Embed button.

    Display Media Tabs and Embed Button

  8. Click Submit Assignment.

  9. Click on the Submission Details button in the upper-righthand corner of Canvas.

  10. If you have an auto-generated captions file (InSpace recording), click on Captions, positioned below the video, and under Upload, click English.

  11. Navigate to the downloaded InSpace captions file on your computer, select it, and click Open.

  12. If you do not have an existing captions file, follow Steps 16-19 on the Students: How to Record Video Using Canvas Studio webpage to auto-generate , edit, and publish a captions file for a Canvas Studio video.