Having students engage physically with content can help keep them engaged and interested in your course materials. Below, you’ll find examples of interactives we have built in our courses. We aim to incorporate interactivity in our courses, so be thinking about how we could do that in the course you are building! 

What can we build? Check out the examples below to see what we can develop. 

Interactive Process

  • Use: to illustrate individual steps that include instructions, definitions, or details; to show progress through a process or tasks.
  • Use Case: to guide students through the steps of proofreading their research paper

Interactive Timeline

  • Use: to walk students through a historical or chronological process or timeline of events
  • Use Case: to illustrate major events and people in the Black Lives Matter movement over the last decade
History of Computing Storyline Interactive

Interactive Scenario

  • Use: to engage students in the evaluation or assessment of information
  • Use Case: to present information about different rhetorical situations and have them consider ways to present information for each situation
Authority in Different Writing Situations – Storyline Scenario Interactive

Interactive Videos

  • Use: to engage students in video content and/or to do a knowledge check of that content
  • Use Case: to present information about business negotiation challenges and then quiz them on possible solutions in response to the video content

True/false or multiple choice questions can be added to any YouTube video by our eLearning staff to add interactivity to your lessons! If you provide the question content (and timing in the video), our staff can build them in!

Cultivating Collaboration – h5p Interactive Video

Interactive Quizzes

  • Use: to verify knowledge using multiple choice, fill in the blank, matching, sorting, or drag and drop interactivity
  • Use Case: students have to verify if statements about best practices for workplace communication are true/false

True/false or multiple-choice questions can be added into lessons by our eLearning staff to add interactivity to your lessons! If you provide the content, our staff can build them in!

Building Amazing Teams – h5p Interactive Quiz

Interactive Flashcards

  • Use: to help students test knowledge of information that includes definitions, terminology, basic concepts, etc.
  • Use Case: to help students test their knowledge of a set of mathematical definitions and terms they’ve learned about in a lesson/video

KPIs of a Commercial Email Program – h5p Interactive Flashcards

Interactive Mathematical Calculations

  • Use: Provide numerical entry fields to allow students to auto-calculate mathematical solutions.
  • Use Case: Allow students to calculate (1) the number of years required to double invested money at a given rate of return; and (2) how much life insurance an individual will need.
Rule of 72 – Storyline Interactive Calculation DIME Method – Storyline Interactive Calculation

Interactive Compare and Contrast Scenarios

  • Use: Present students with scenarios in which they respond with a written statement and compare their response to a suggested recommendation.
  • Use Case: In a graduate management course, students apply what they have learned about team resolution by writing potential solutions to various scenarios and comparing their responses to suggested strategies.
Team Conflicts and Resolutions – Storyline Compare and Contrast Interactive