Course Assignments

As a subject matter expert, you are asked to create all of the assignments for the course you are working on. It is essential that assignments in the modules align with the course outcomes identified in the official course outline.

Here are some suggestions for assignments:

  • Assignments should assess students’ mastery of the weekly learning objectives. Each objective should be measured by an assignment or discussion.
  • Create unique assignments for Champlain students. If you find something from a publisher, alter the content to make it new and targeted to the population we work with.
  • Make sure directions are clear and complete. Provide formatting instructions (page length, templates, sections that should be included)
  • All assignments should have a targeted rubric. Rubrics should have indicators to match varying levels of performance. If you need assistance, eLearning can provide guidance and examples for creating rubrics.
  • Assignments should be meaningful and, when possible, include authentic tasks. Create assignments that will give students an opportunity to apply what they’ve learned.
  • Students need to develop critical thinking and communication skills to be successful in today’s world. Assignments should include tasks that help students to build these skills.
Assignment example - provides guidance and formatting details and applies to work