Make sure to activate your InSpace account in your Canvas course before joining Student Space.

How to Join an InSpace Office Hours Session

  1. Click the InSpace link in the Course Navigation menu.

    InSpace link in the course navigation menu

  2. Click the Instructor’s Office button to enter the Office Hours session.

    Instructor's Office Button

  3. At the Instructor’s Office prompt, click Join Space.

    Instructor's Office with image, name, office hours and Join Space button

  4. At the Welcome prompt, enter your name as you wish it to appear, check your Audio/Video settings, and click the Join space button.

    InSpace Welcome to Instructor's Office with student image, name, audio/video settings, and Join space button

  5. Note that if your instructor has not yet started the session, you will see a Please wait message. Wait until the session starts; you will automatically be entered into the space.

    InSpace Please wait, the space host hasn't joined yet with Go back button

InSpace Support

For the best InSpace experience, please use Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox on a desktop or laptop.

Visit the InSpace Help Center for Student Attendees to search for information on various InSpace features.

For InSpace tech support during or prior to class, email