InSpace allows you to record Presentation Room and Discussion Room sessions and share these video recordings with students who are unable to attend. InSpace also features an option to automatically create audio transcripts for your videos, making your recordings accessible for all students.

Make sure to activate your InSpace account in Canvas.

How to Record an InSpace Presentation or Discussion Room Session

  1. Click the InSpace link in the Course Navigation menu.

    Course navigation menu with InSpace link highlighted

  2. Click the Instructor’s Office button and click Join Space to start your Office Hours session.

    Instructor's Office Button

  3. Click the Setup Space menu option and select either the Presentation Room or the Discussion Room InSpace layout.

    Setup Space Button with Discussion Room option highlighted

  4. Click the Start Recording menu option. In the popup window, check on Enable audio transcription for video recording and click the Start Recording button.

    Recording PopUp Window with Enable Audio Transcript and Start Recording button

  5. Select the Instructor’s Office Chrome Tab and click Share.

    Chrome Tab Instructor's Office Share Button

  6. You are now recording your InSpace session, indicated by the red REC button.

    InSpace REC button

  7. When you have completed your session, click the active Record button to Stop Recording. When the Pause and Stop buttons appear, click the Stop button.

    Stop Recording Menu Option InSpace Pause and Stop Recording Buttons

  8. At the confirmation prompt, click Stop and save.

    InSpace Stop and save button

  9. Your video recording has successfully been saved to your InSpace dashboard.

    Notice of saved recording in InSpace Canvas Portal

  10. Click the Exit button and select Yes to end the InSpace session.

    InSpace Exit button and prompt

How to Download Your Video File and Closed Captions File

  1. Visit your InSpace Dashboard Video Recordings.

  2. Click the video recording’s Download icon. Download the mp4 file and the closed captions vtt file to your local computer.

Note: If either the Download MP4 file or Download transcript file is grayed out, InSpace is still processing the file. Allow at least an hour or longer for processing. In the example shown below, the video has been processed but the transcript file (closed captions) is still being processed.

InSpace Resources and Support

For the best InSpace experience, please use Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox on a desktop or laptop.

Visit the InSpace Help Center to search for information on various InSpace features.

For InSpace tech support during or prior to class, email